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We provide better tools, more attention and greater support to help you achieve your goal. We are small enough to know each of our members but large enough to provide all the resources of a big box gym. Our environment inspires you to achieve your goals whatever they are. Our members don’t judge, they support each other.


Why Choose Will Power?


Mouss El Bakkouchi
Mouss El BakkouchiPersonal Trainer
Mouss offers you 25 years of international experience in the fitness and bodybuilding industry as a coach, contest prep and personal trainer, and competitor himself. Find out more about Mouss.
Twan Chacon
Twan ChaconPersonal Trainer
Twan has been in the fitness industry for 26 years working with all kinds of people; from professional athletes to the average person wanting to reach goals they never knew possible!


I’ve been training for a good 12 years now and hard at it in the last 5 years. Other than Golds Gym in Venice, never have I trained at a gym that absolutely had it ALL! I’m not talking just about the equipment either (which is definitely has everything), I’m talking about the knowledge that comes out of the gym from the owners to the Staff. Until I found Will Power Gym, I would bounce around from gym to gym to find more motivation, the right equipment and just try to be around more like-minded individuals that really wanted to improve their physique. I’ve found that at corporate gyms you just can’t find that. It’s a lot of chit-chatting and people standing around on their phones.
Brandon W., Yelp User
Been here for about a month now. Staff are great, environment is great and the people who workout there are down to earth. I actually enjoy coming.
Rian A., Yelp User
This is a great gym! You have great equipment paired with a great vibe and overall welcoming environment. You will find athletes with different goals and objectives willing to support those around them to be their best. If you are looking for a great gym please check out Will Power! You won’t be disappointed with the equipment, atmosphere and cleanliness of this gym!
Brianna B., Yelp User

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