The Power of Commitment

I had an interesting conversation in of all places “In and Out Burger” a few months ago.  OK I will do another blog on fast food and bodybuilding, let’s just throw this into a cheat meal and move on with the subject of this blog.  So a guy walks up to me and says “Hey do you have any tips for me?” my first reaction was I was getting pan handled, but realized he was asking for training tips (my bad).  We ended up spending some time talking as we waited for our orders to be prepared.  He started with [...]

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Getting Organized

Welcome to my first 2017 blog! I am often asked how do I do my job as a GM of a technology company, travel weekly, and still find time to eat right, train and compete as a bodybuilder at the national level (July 2016, I took a first place men’s 60, light heavyweight class at Master’s Nationals in Pittsburgh).  The simple answer is that I am a combination of organized, committed and consistent. The focus of the blog is to drill into and share the “how I do it”, a collection of applied experience which I have gained over the [...]

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