Leah Taylor made the transition over to Will Power Gym with her favorite trainer Mouss. Leah has made quite the transformation since working with Mouss but, Leah’s hard work outside the gym has made this all possible. Being strict with both her diet and her training, not giving in to cheat meals, (well okay maybe a few) and making sure she gets her daily workouts in training either early before work or at night after work. In addition to managing this amazing transformation Leah has 4 kids with her husband, Erik. She’s quite the super mom and pushes to continue her successful journey with her health and fitness. We had the chance to ask Leah a few questions to help her fellow members know her better.

“Truly, I don’t have one (Mouss knows that) however, I appreciate the leg press machine especially when Mousse is in charge. I have noticed that each week I get stronger and can feel the work, for sure, on the third day after leg day. It tears you up, in a good way.”
“Truly, I don’t have one (Mouss knows that) however, I appreciate the leg press machine especially when Mousse is in charge. I have noticed that each week I get stronger and can feel the work, for sure, on the third day after leg day. It tears you up, in a good way.”
“I have been on this wellness journey for over 5yrs and have lost over 145lbs. I plan day by day, week by week. For this next year I plan to get as fit as I can (with the assistance of the best trainer out there, Mouss-SERIOUSLY). His passion, encouragement, and faith in me keeps me giving my all each day. I truly have a passion and believe that it is my calling to share my journey with other woman and plan within the next year to get involved in fitness somewhere, somehow. Not sure if that is personal training, motivational speaking, hosting weight loss challenges to reach those needing someone to believe in them. It has been the #1 passion of mine since I have had the drive, motivation and will-power to beat the diagnosis of Diabetes type 2 and other complications that come with being obese and I want others to know if you do the work you will see the results”.
“It is a combination of my personal determination and self-discipline that enables me to succeed in my wellness journey despite the obstacles that I have faced along the way.”

We at Will power gym are thankful to Leah and her inspiration. We wish her nothing but continued success. We want to encourage others to get know her and understand her amazing journey and fitness transformation.


Jared Tamadaha

Jared Tamadaha has been consistent and committed to his training time at WillPower since his first day. He may come off as a bit reserved but Jared is super nice, has a great sense of humor and, by the intensity of his training, has the ability to show all the members how hard his work ethic is. He squats and deadlifts more than any other guy in the gym. It might be interesting to ask him about his workouts to get his perspective about training and intensity.

“Other than working out at Will Power, I am a die-hard Detroit Lions fan (mostly dying hard) and enjoy playing in an almost 20-year fantasy football league with my college buddies. I like constantly challenging myself, so this year I’m participating in the Hood to Coast race. If I didn’t have a fear of drowning, I’d consider doing triathlons. And of course, I really enjoy family adventures with my wonderful and very supportive wife Laurel and our 4-year-old daughter Fiona.”
“In this age of information overload, there is so much contradicting fitness and nutrition advice out there. So the biggest challenge for me is figuring out what works and doesn’t work for me. It’s a lot of trial by error, but I keep in mind that it’s a continuous learning process. My biggest success is that I can be very focused and disciplined, so whatever plan I do follow will be applied with 100% effort and adherence.”
“Working out provides the physical and psychological energizing force I need to be the person I want to be outside the gym. I also just love the process – to be in control of the workout and nutrition programs and to see and feel the changes as you manipulate details in your regimen. I plan to continue competing for as long as I have the desire, so I’m working on bulking up and bringing a more balanced physique the next time I step on stage.”
“Probably deadlifting. It has taken me awhile to get the correct form down and it’s always a work in progress, and heavy deads aren’t always the most fun lifts. But I always, always feel great after moving heavy things and deadlifts are my favorite.”
“Will Power has a community feel to it. It’s a strange thing to say, but I feel like I belong here, it’s so comfortable that I feel like I’m working out in my own home gym. And then it’s the simplest things – All the WillPower gym team took the time to remember my name and greet me as an individual each day.”

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas has been a fully committed member from the beginning of WillPower Gym. An early riser, Scott likes to separate his work and his training. He is an actor, singer and songwriter and has worked with the Portland based hit TV show Grimm and most recently the new show Mythos! Scott trained with Mouss back in 2012 at 24 Hour Fitness where he worked his butt off and lost 82 pounds. I had the opportunity to ask him some questions about his life and his training.

“My diet discipline is the toughest thing for me. Growing up in the New Orleans area, I have a strong appreciation for food and lots of it.”
“It keeps me young, active, healthy, and my career depends on me looking good in front of the camera.”
“My favorite body part to train is my arms. Mainly because I’d like to see more growth. If I ever have weeks where I can’t make it to the gym more than once or twice I always make sure and workout my arms.”
“It means showing up at the gym even if I only have 30 minutes for training. I go in there, I shut everything else out of my mind, and I focus on getting a good workout in. Will power gym provides me a wonderful place to do that without feeling like I’m being judged or don’t measure up to some of the other competitors there.”
“In one year from now I see myself looking at my six pack again. I also see myself cast on a roll of a local production here. TV, film stage, whatever. I love to act; it is my passion. And I’ll be pursuing it as long as I live.”

Jennie Bowden

Jennie Bowden takes her workouts seriously, and extremely kind and outgoing. She currently trains with Mouss getting ready to present her best on stage package yet at the Night of Champions in Washington. If you don’t know about this show, ask Jennie about it! Jennie and her husband Chris train very hard and support each other in the gym. Despite her intense training she enjoys giving Mouss a hard time and injecting some good humor into the process. Mouss hands it right back at Jennie. It can be entertaining to watch.

“My husband, Chris, inspires and motivates me to be better. From the day I decided to compete, he has been the one who’s believed in me encouraging me to push through and not to doubt myself. He keeps me sane when I’m about to lose my mind. A lot of my mental strength comes from him.”
“After competing in the 2014 Seven Feathers, I herniated my L5, S1 disc right into my sciatic nerve. I dealt with severe burning pain down my glute, hamstring and calf. Training was put on pause for a couple of months while I tried to recover. After a couple of months of going to the chiropractor, nothing changed. I began lifting again customizing my workouts around my injury, hoping time would heal it. After 10 months of nonstop pain, I decided to go through with surgery to alleviate the pain. Surgery was a success and now I’m on the road to recovery.”
“I would be any type of shoulder exercise because I love big, round shoulders.”
“To me, Will Power means unrelenting determination, drive and self-discipline a person possesses to achieve their goals and break through barriers they may have. This type of mental strength can be applied to all aspects of life be it a personal matter or a physical barrier. As long as you believe in yourself, failure is not an option.”

Will power gym is grateful to our members and the consistency they bring to our gym. We want to wish them continued success in achieving each of their goals. Members we encourage you to get know them and understand each individual journey.