No Sign Up Fees

No Cancellation Fees

We keep things simple! We provide simple month to month memberships with no contracts that can be stopped if and when you need to!


*If you purchase a day pass and sign up before you leave the gym then we can take the day pass fee off your membership price.*

If you have any questions, email us at:!

1 Day

  • Membership

1 Month

  • Membership

3 Months

  • Save $10

6 Months

  • Save $30

12 Months

  • Save $100
Week Pass Rate- $40 for a One Week Membership
Hero Rate – $29.99 for Fire, Police, Active Military
Teen Rate – $25 for kids under the age of 20

Will Power Gym Rules:

  • RESPECT THE GYM, STAFF, & MEMBERS: A little goes a long way–keep the gym a fun and pleasant place to be at
  • DRESS CODE: Athletic Shoes(NO Flip Flops/Crocs), Athletic Apparel(NO Pajama/Jeans/Cargo Pants/See Through Leggings), Clean Clothing. Keep your shirt on, this isn’t the beach or strip club

  • DON’T BRING IN DRAMA OR NEGATIVITY: People come to the gym to train–not to hear or deal with your bulls**t
  • RE-RACK YOUR WEIGHTS: Don’t be an a**hole–put them back where you took them from

  • NO VIP OR SUPERSTAR HERE: All of our members are important to us. No one is more important than another
  • KEEP THE GYM CLEAN: Clean up after yourself. No one wants to lay in your sweat and pick up your trash

  • SHARE THE EQUIPMENT: Don’t use 5 machines then get pissed if someone wants to work in or use one!!
  • DO NOT DROP THE WEIGHTS: If you can’t handle the weight-use lighter weight! Leave your ego at home. Don’t damage our equipment

  • YOU KNOW MOUSS & JON?!?: Great–so do we! Does not mean you get special treatment

*Remember: We all share the same passion here. Have fun. Train Hard. Respect Others.*